Roller Derby Game Wakefield VS Durham

Match Report: Wakey Wheeled Cats VS Grim Reavers

Wakey Wheeled Cats took on Grim Reavers for their fourth game of the British Roller Derby Championships season.

Saturday 3rd June at Energise, York
Wakey Wheeled Cats – 311, Grim Reavers – 101

Wakey Wheeled Cats continue to dominate their tier of the British Roller Derby Championships as they bring home another big win.

In their fourth game of the season, they defeated Grimsby team Grim Reavers 311 – 101.

wakefield roller derby blockers
Photo credit: SnapDanielz

The first half of the game was hard-fought with neither side pulling ahead. Wakey showed some fantastic defence, with blockers Hayley Brooke, Claire Johnson and Florence Dolly proving very effective at taking the jammers off track and recycling them backwards.

A cut track by the Grim Reavers’ jammer saw her sent to the box, and Wakey’s jammer Rachel Welch took full advantage to put points on the board.

Coral McNulty followed up with another 15 points for the Cats’, but the Grim Reavers came back with some big hits, breaking up Wakey’s walls and allowing their jammers to even the score.

At half time the points on the board were WWC – 83 and the Grim Reavers – 73.

The second half started with the Grim Reaver’s jammer in the box, and a power jam to Wakey. Solid offence from Wakey’s blockers allowed jammer Katie Swift to show off her fancy footwork and push Wakey well into the lead.

wakefield roller derby jammer
Photo credit: SnapDanielz

From there the Cats’ solid defence stayed in control of the game, with some well-timed offence enabling their jammers to rack up the points.

The Grim Reavers players high penalty count lead to the majority of their players being expelled, leaving them with only four skaters on their team by the end of the game.

The Cats’ stayed calm in the chaos and did not let up. The game ended with blocker Chrissie Webster, who was playing her last game with the team before a move to Wales, taking the jammer star. Webster stormed through the remaining Grim Reavers blockers with a high scoring jam that broke the 300 mark for the Cats.

Bat Hit Crazy's last jam
Photo credit: SnapDanielz

The final score was Wakey Wheeled Cats 311, Grim Reavers 101.

“WWC certainly are on a hard-fought winning streak that I hope will continue, four wins in four games! The team are working really hard, and following this last game we are now set to move up a tier next year, one of our main goals. I could not be prouder of all the continued hard work put in by the entire league.”

Cats’ Captain Dan Millea
Wakey Wheeled Cats and Durham Roller Derby
Photo credit: SnapDanielz

The Cats’ next game against Mansfield in a triple header at the end of July will decide the winner of Tier 4: Local North.

By Helen Lindley


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