What is Roller Derby?

Roller derby is predominantly an all female, full contact roller sport played on quad roller skates around an oval track, which hails from America and is quickly spreading worldwide.

A game, or “bout”, is split into plays called “jams”. Two teams have five skaters on the track in each jam: a jammer (point scorer) and four blockers. The blockers from both teams create the ‘pack’.

Jammers can be identified by the star on their helmet cover and score points by passing blockers from the opposing team.

The blockers work as a team to stop their opposing jammer getting past them, using legal blocking and tactical techniques, whilst assisting their own jammer to get through the pack.

Penalties are given to skaters who block illegally, fight or behave in an unsporting manner, or otherwise break the rules. Penalties include sending players to a penalty box (during which time opposing jammers can score points by passing the penalty box) and expulsion of players.

A large team of Referees and officials play an important part in a bout, by ensuring the rules are met and keeping the game safe.