Cat v Cat: First Intraleague 2013

On Saturday May 18, the Cats held our first intraleague of the year.

It was a landmark moment for WWC – the first time in well over a year that we’ve had enough post-mins skaters to enable us to bout, and the first bout as a Cat for some of our newer skaters.

We were joined by some guest skaters from Leeds Roller Dolls and Spa Town Rollers and it was a real nail-biter, with the score being within a handful of points for the majority of the bout. To see a clipping from the Wakefield Express sport section, who covered the bout, click on to our Facebook page.

Here, newly crowned Cat Super Sour Dweeb shares her experience of popping her bout cherry! Well done Dweeb, you were awesome!

Guest blog by Dweeb

08:00 hours. Dweeb’s house. Nervous poo? Check. Massive bowl of porridge? Check. Fizzy fingers? Check. Personal injury sports insurance? Nah I’m sure it’ll be ‘reet…

My ‘athletes’ checklist was complete (ish), and my kit (including franken-skates complete with added dog bed for extra padding like a true pro’) in my bag, all of this preparation can only mean one thing… Bout day! It’s finally here! My first bout. It was an event full of first times; first bout EVER for Wasp and I, while seasoned skaters Joanna Bruisin’, Acid Pain and Florence Night in Jail made their debut on track as Cats (with new added toe-stop action!). This intra-league bout also saw a new Cat/Zebra (Cat-Ra? Zeb-Cat?) hybrid circle around the infield as Linda LuMardy refereed her team mates for the first time. Unfortunately as the Wheeled Cats never get any penalties she didn’t get to shout at us very often…

10:00 hours. Lightwaves Leisure Centre. It was at this very same venue, pretty much exactly a year ago that I had my first close-up, 3D encounter with the Wakey Wheeled Cats, and even had my first go on ‘proper’ derby skates (thanks Snarles). This time it’s my turn on the track. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHH! Our league (plus some ace guest skaters from other leagues) was split into two teams; I became a white ‘Snow Leopard’ and my fellow newbie, Wasp, joined the ‘Black Panthers’.

11:00 hours. First whistle. To my relief I spent the first couple of jams on the bench. Then my name was called and I joined by team mates on track as a blocker. I was on my ass within the first five seconds. The next two minutes were a total blur as my Captain, Ace’s words were ringing round my head: “When you don’t know what’s going on, just find another player on your team and you’re instantly a two-wall”. Sound advice. Turns out this was easier to follow in theory than reality; everything around me changed so quickly my poor brain struggled to process what was happening!

Fast forward to line ups for my second jam on track; “Dweeb – you’re jammer”. Crumbs. There goes the theory I had been consoling myself with; that “I’d only be blocking today so it’d be okay”. At this point I’d like to say a ‘special’ THANK YOU to Cat Coach, Richie (!) “You need the practice!” he laughed when I questioned his decision… Needless to say, I was hopeless. But I didn’t give up! Hit after hit sent me flying off track. At one point even the medics winced as I slid towards them ass first (of course!) on all fours. I sniggered to myself at how rubbish I was and jumped back up to continue humiliating myself while the opposing jammer racked up mega points. On my return to the bench I remembered a great lil’ nugget I had read: “Don’t get emotional about it.” For some reason this really resonated with me, after all, it’s just a game!

Having said that, I’d much rather be challenging myself than finding something too easy, but my problem is that I expect perfection instantly. It’s easy to forget about the years of training people have had when you’re watching skaters who glide and leap around so effortlessly. So imagine my reaction when my fellow newbie, Wasp, did exactly that. She was fast and agile and I was jealous and so proud all at once! That’s virtually the only thing I remember from the whole bout…

12:30 hours. Final whistle. After a few jams blocking and another go at jamming (where I ended up in the penalty box…) it’s all over! I spent most of the hour-long game in a state of adrenaline-pumped confusion, (which is like regular confusion, only faster and louder) and I can’t remember a lot, which is why there’s not massive amount of detail here! Despite that, I do remember surprising myself with my chipper attitude throughout the bout. There were no negative voices inside my head or frustrated teary moments, just lots and lots of exhausted smiles and a real sense of achievement. I’ve still got a way to go before I can say I’m in the same ‘league’ as most of my league but I’m so glad I popped my bout cherry with my fellow Cats as both my teammates and my opponents. I’m just sad that this bout will have been my only bout with my skatey ‘big sister’ Whippy as she has since left the league. Every silver lining has a cloud an’ all that!

13:30 hours. Onwards for a nice cold beer and lots and lots of MEAT. Protein, right?! Thankfully I didn’t end up needing that sports insurance. I’ll definitely make sure that’s sorted for next time. Maybe…

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