‘Tiger Bay Brawlers Blocker Bootcamp’

boot camp
Photo credit to Quick Draw Sports Photography

Wakey Wheeled Cats are excited to present to you our ‘Tiger Bay Brawlers Blocker Bootcamp’!

After a successful jammer bootcamp with Rogue Runner, we are now following it up with a blocker bootcamp featuring these two amazing coaches:
Bloxie – Current Captain and Coach for Tiger Bay, and Team England Skater.
Billie – Head Coach for Tiger Bay and for the men’s Team Wales.

There will be a total of four hours of Bootcamp skating.

The first half of the session will focus on defensive blocking – how to block effectively and create strong walls.
The second half of the session will look at offensive techniques – how jammers can get through defensive walls and what their blockers can do to assist.

This is an advanced bootcamp, suitable for skaters who have passed minimum skills and aimed at A/B team skaters (female skaters only, sorry roller-guys).

Tickets are extremely limited and are priced at for the full skating session.

Alternatively, there is limited spectator seats available for £5, ideal for coaches / injured skaters /anyone not meeting minimum skills.

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