Sports England Bring Team England Bootcamp to the Cats!

Recently our very own Anne Body managed to secure us Cats funding from Sports England, who invest in community sports in a variety of ways, including the This Girl Can Campaign to increase sports participation in young women.

With recent sporting events coming to the region such as the Tour de France and with the latest regional commonwealth success it is evident that Yorkshire as a whole are keen to excel in their sporting endeavors. Not forgetting the amazing Gotham Girls V London Roller Girls game, as if we could forget that! Yorkshire has been brimming with sporting talent and us Cats are, as always, more than keen to get involved.

To this end we are extremely excited to announce that a portion of our funding will be used to hold a 5 hour skater bootcamp run by a very talented Team England skater. This experience will bring some valuable skills and learning opportunities, not only to the Cats but also to other leagues, as places on the bootcamp will also be available to other post min skaters. More to come about this later…

So a massive thank you to Sports England is due, for bringing us yet more skatey goodness!

Exciting times in Cat camp!

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