Open Scrim, Sept 15, 2012

On Saturday the Cats hosted our second open scrimmage and it’s fair to say it was a huge success!

We welcomed skaters from all over the country – Fair City Rollers, Leeds Roller Dolls, Liverpool Roller Birds, Middlesbrough Milk Rollers, HARD, Nottingham Roller Girls, Spatown and more…

With a massive three hours at our disposal, we held two scrimmages (and a giant game of scarecrow tig). The first, 45mins long, saw the white team’s tactical edge take the win with a large margin, which surprised both skaters and spectators as it seemed fairly matched on the track, with boths team showing off some great skills despite some members only meeting that very day.

The second scrim was a little bit shorter, after a quick mix up of the teams, was much more evenly matched and could have gone either way. But the white team (which now featured a mix of skaters), had the luck with them on Saturday and took the second win.

Our thanks go to every single skater, ref, NSO and supporter who made Saturday such a fun day for us all.

It’s always great to skate with new people, you learn tons and everyone becomes a better skater for it.

We’re already planning our next scrim so will keep you all posted for next time.

Loves and shoves, The Cats

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