Open Scrim, Feb 2, 2013

Guest blog by Florence Night-in-Jail

Wakey Wheeled Cats were proud to host their first mixed scrimmage of the year last weekend, and what a time we had! Walking into Lightwaves on Saturday morning you would have been greeted by a myriad of smiley, apprehensive and hot pant clad beauties. The atmosphere buzzing – a wide variety of skaters were present, from the just passed minimum skills to girls who had 5+ year experience on eight wheels, and every skater raring to go.

The Cats were pleased to welcome skaters from across the country, an eclectic mix of accents and chests emblazoned with swallows, flaming wheels, fists and derby kissed bombshells were awaiting the scrimmage. Teams had been up from the early hours to travel from Liverpool, Hull, Newcastle and all corners of Yorkshire to attend the scrimmage, the Cats certainly had their cream!

The day ran smoothly thanks in great part to the wonderful team of NSOs, organisers and Zebras, and our lovely temporary Zebra Linda Lumardy. The Cats and all the skaters are eternally grateful for all the hard work these guys put in to make out scrimmages happen. The hall was now set for the three hours of sweaty rampage, squeaky wheels, tumbles and a hella lot of energy thrown in abundance at the flat track for three different scrimmages. The day was aimed at using the new ruleset, something many of the skaters hadn’t had chance to skate under yet. For this reason we played a “pick-up” scrim, which meant we’d always start a jam with a full set of rollergirls on track. Players were asked to bring both white and black shirts, the first two halves saw a mixed team construction, great to make new friends and pick up techniques from other teams, and skaters were massively encouraged to play all positions too.

The first two halves flew by and for the third and final section, the Cats all donned their black tees, and with the help of a few of our guests, took on the whites. This time we saw the proper rules set coming into play and saw roller girls still in the box after jams. It was a pleasure to play against our guests, and we are truly grateful to every one of you who made the trip to Wakey.

In true Cat fashion celebrations were held, cocktails drank and pies eaten, and we can’t wait to do it all again soon…… so watch this space!

Loves and Shoves, The Cats

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