Inspiring Future Roller Girls

On Saturday a bunch of Cats headed to Lupset Community Sports Day to hit the YMCA’s roller disco.

It was the perfect weather for an outdoor skate and when most of us got there (after a rather sweaty practice!), we found Edd Hunter had already made friends with a group of future roller girls, who showed no fear whatsoever.

I think the Cats cringed more than they did when a little wobble turned into a full on body slam onto the floor!

On Sunday Bruise, Peggy, Sue’Per Bad, Mardy and Edd went to the Thunderdome to join Rainy City Rollergirls’ Tender Hooligans for a scrimmage. Despite not scrimmaging for a few weeks while we’re concentrating on our kittens, the Cats held their own.

It was great to meet some of the Rainy girls again. In the very beginning of WWC, Rainy helped our first bunch of skaters through their minimum skills and invited them to bout, so it was good to be amongst friends.

It also made us even more excited for our Open Scrimmage event on September 15. More details will be posted soon but skaters can register an interest on our Facebook event.

Exciting times!

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