Lookin Fur Trouble?!
Lookin Fur Trouble?!

Player Bio

Favourite on-track position?

Anything, I just want to play.

Why did you get involved with roller derby?

I was looking for a new hobby and spotted an ex Cat’s piece in the Wakefield Express. I went along and was immediately hooked.

The best thing about being a Cat is…

Getting to skate with a bunch of incredible women (and men) and be proud to call them my teammates.

Tell us about yourself

30 something Mum to a future Roller girl and a vehicle damage assessor in ‘real life’.

Any hobbies outside of roller derby?

Krav Maga, reading and more roller derby.

Your job description

Vehicle damage assessor. I assess cars following accidents and decide what can/can’t be repaired to ensure they are repaired to the vehicle manufacturers specifications.

Tell us about your skate set up

I have the old style Riedell 265 wicked boot with the Mag avenger plate and skate on 92a sure grip fugitive mid wheels.

What would you say to someone thinking of starting roller derby?

Do it. Don’t hesitate but be prepared for it to take over your life completely.