Deborah Live
Deborah Live

Player Bio

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Favourite on-track position?

I’ll go anywhere as long as I don’t have to brace! Quite like a bit of jamming actually.

Why did you get involved with roller derby?

I was looking for something sporty to do that would mean I would be forced to keep up my fitness levels, I actually was thinking about a running club but then saw a brief comment on This Girl Can’s facebook about Wakey Wheeled Cats recruiting. I used all my allotted bravery for the year to take myself, on my own, to the recruitment session and I’ve never looked back! Plus unlike a running club there is zero chance of me getting rained on playing roller derby!

The best thing about being a Cat is…

The people!

Tell us about yourself

I like running with my dog, walking with my dog, throwing balls with my dog, I’ve been thinking about going swimming with my dog but I haven’t got around to it yet, did I mention my dog?

What would you say to someone thinking of starting roller derby?

Just do it! I am the most nervy person in the world (honestly, ask my Mum), I am also so clumsy that I fell off a bike in spin class, I was so bad at sports when I was a kid that I couldn’t leave the bench even when other players had an injury and I can do roller derby! Pretend you’re not afraid and do it anyway!