Player Bio

Photo credit: JGW Lee Photography

Favourite on-track position?

I really love being pivot as I’m a blocker at heart but secretly enjoy jamming, so as pivot you potentially get to do both! Greedy I know 🙂

Why did you get involved with roller derby?

Because I was drunk and agreed to go to a training session! Haha. Then I got hooked and the rest is history.

The best thing about being a Cat is…

The smile it puts on my face and the amazing night’s sleep you get after a training session.

Tell us about yourself

I started skating in January 2010 with Leeds Roller Dolls and it’s fair to say I wasn’t a natural! But somehow I managed to pass my mins and played my first game in the October with the B team. Since then I’ve played nationally and internationally and vice captained the A team in 2015 when we went to America to play in the beach brawl tournament.

I’ve coached beginners, travel teams, juniors and Leeds men’s roller derby – Aire Force One, who I was also line up for.

I made the move from competitive play to rec league in 2016 due to life commitments and then in the August I transferred to Wakey. Best move ever!

What would you say to someone thinking of starting roller derby?

Go for it! Listen to your coaches, and don’t compare yourself to anyone except yourself!

Have a positive attitude cos there will be hard bits but you’ve got a whole league of people looking out for you, oh and have fun!!